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How Does a Mini Fridge Freezer Work? - Bluefin Active

How Does a Mini Fridge Freezer Work?

how does a mini fridge freezer work

So you’ve got yourself a nifty compressor fridge for your next camping trip. But ever wondered how does a mini fridge freezer work? What makes them so much more effective than standard coolers? 

Well, your answer is here! In this short guide, we’ll cover how your mini compressor fridge/freezer works – and how to maximize its efficiency for the most reliable experience possible. 

how does a mini fridge freezer work

Why Choose a Mini Compressor Fridge Freezer?

In short, a mini compressor fridge freezer works in pretty much the same way as a regular fridge. No matter the size, the inner mechanisms are still very similar. 

This type of fridge is typically considered the coldest option when compared to other models. Offering the ability to both keep food cool and frozen, these fridges are massively versatile and reliable. And they work efficiently even if not level! Ideal for camping or living the van life, a mini-fridge freezer allows you to store fresh or frozen food for much longer than standard coolers. 

How Do They Work?

how does a mini fridge freezer work

So, how does a mini fridge freezer work? Compressor fridge freezers rely on a pump to bring in refrigerant fluid. This fluid is brought into a specially designed high-pressure condenser chamber, kept separately from the actual refrigerator compartment. 

As the fluid is pressurised, it heats up as a result and is released into the surrounding air. Now, this is where the magic happens – as it’s transferred into an evaporator with lower pressure, the temperature rapidly becomes cold. 

A compressor mini fridge freezer maintains your chosen temperature by alternating between these two fluid cycles. Cold air is routinely kept inside, while hot air is released out into the surrounding area. No matter which temperature you choose, this efficient mechanism is able to maintain it with ease. 

Benefits of a Mini Fridge Freezer

how does a mini fridge freezer work

One of the main benefits of mini fridge freezers is their portability. The perfect choice in situations where a full-sized refrigerator simply isn’t practical, a mini compressor appliance is the next best thing. 

This type of mini fridge is also very quiet. So, if you’re trying to sleep in your van and don’t want to be disturbed, you won’t have to worry about your fridge freezer making too much noise. 


Practical, efficient and hugely versatile, a compressor fridge freezer is definitely worth investing in if you’re looking for something better than a standard cooler. Able to function perfectly in a variety of positions and environments, you can maintain specific temperatures without having to constantly replace melted ice! 

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